In this article, I take note some useful books, research papers, and articles that I read in June.


  1. Yêu Để Hiểu | June 01 | ✪✪✪
  2. Giận Để Thương | June 02 | ✪✪✪
  3. Ai Cũng Có Một Khoảng Trời Giấu Kín | June 04 | ✪✪✪✪
  4. Ai Cũng Xứng Đáng Được Hạnh Phúc | June 05 | ✪✪✪

Science & Technologies

  1. New Relic — Three Questions to Ask When Writing a New API
  2. ZORA — A.I. Is Not as Advanced as You Might Think
  3. OneZero — The Real Reason Apple Wants You to Use Its Sign-in Service
  4. OneZero — AI. Ethics Boards Should Be Based on Human Rights
  5. OneZero — To Trust Apple Sign-In, You Need to Trust Apple
  6. Knowledge Graphs: The Third Era of Computing
  7. OneZero — Facebook’s Libra Masterplan
  8. Digiti — The future is dark
  9. Instagram Engineering — Video Upload Latency Improvements at Instagram
  10. Airbnb Engineering — Machine Learning-Powered Search Ranking of Airbnb Experiences
  11. — I was tasked to design a marketplace for AI, Machine Learning algorithms and I had no idea how algorithms worked
  12. Dev Chrome Channel — A Netflix Web Performance Case Study | Improving Time-To-Interactive for on Desktop
  13. Digital Ocean — Gathering Metrics from Your Infrastructure and Applications

S&T. Research Papers

  1. Google Research — Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population

User Experience — Case Studies

  1. SFO Airport Security Redesign: Effecting Change in Complex Systems
  2. UX Design — Uniform Distribution App — A Product Design Exercise
  3. The Startup — UI copy: Remove vs Delete
  4. UX Design — Exploring the reasons for Design Thinking criticism
  5. The Startup — Shram: A Comprehensive UX Case Study
  6. — How inclusive user research makes your products better
  7. UX Design — UX Inspiration #1: Grammarly’s demo document

Another Care (Education & Self-Improvement…)

  1. TiaSang — Lý tưởng giáo dục Humboldt: Mô hình hay huyền thoại?
  2. The New York Times — Love Means Never Having to Say … Anything
  3. TiaSang — Trường Đại học Đà Lạt: Thầm lặng và chuyên tâm
  4. Lãng phí người tài: Du học thạc sĩ, về làm nhập liệu
  5. Tia Sáng — Tộc người Hán: Một bản sắc được kiến tạo

Thanks for reading!